Business Analyst - 13184



Washington, DC


Full Time Exempt


Desired experience or qualifications for applicants include:

The candidate will:

Provide financial management support to PEO IWS 8 across various appropriations, including Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDTE), Shipbuilding and Conversion Navy (SCN), Other Procurement Navy (OPN), and Operations and Maintenance Navy (O&MN).  Specifically, provide direct support to the IWS 8 Plans and Programs Business Principal Assistant Program Manager (PAPM) in all areas of budget execution, including (but not limited to):

  • Collect, prepare and maintain Task Planning Sheets (TPS) to capture the program requirements from the Performing Activities (PA).
  • Prepare funding documents in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) accounting database and submit to cognizant sponsoring organizations for processing; track the funding documents through the process to completion and PA acceptance.
  • Maintain TPS Budget Execution Workbooks to keep record of current budgets, allocations, track budget and allocation revisions, and track funds execution to ensure that performing activities meet obligation and expenditure benchmarks and targets.
  • Prepare monthly PAPM and Task Manager (TM) Execution Status Reports.
  • Prepare other periodic and ad hoc reports as required.
  • Provide support for Performing Activity Reviews, including the Mid-Year Review.  Includes but is not limited to coordinating required attendee calendars and reserving conference rooms, printing and distributing briefs to attendees, maintaining an attendees list, recording action items and tracking actions to completion.
  • Develop data for presentation at Program Reviews and Financial Reviews.
  • Develop recommended Courses of Action based on analysis of data presented at Program Reviews and Financial Reviews.
  • Identify expiring funds and to determine if funds are available for recoupment; prepare a plan for recoupment of funds and realignment as applicable.
  • Track funding document Work Completion Dates (WCD).  Develop plan as needed to extend WCD dates or recoup/reissue funds for funding documents with remaining unliquidated obligations.
  • Research and prepare responses to financial data calls from various organizations, including, the NAVSEA comptroller, the PEO/IWS Chief Financial Officer, and resource sponsors.



Required experience or qualifications for applicants include:

    • Bachelor’s Degree Preferred.
    • Experience with MS Office, specifically Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
    • Proficiency in Enterprise Resource Planning Program (ERP)and other government databases as required.
    • Ability to perform frequent internal and external customer interface including regularly scheduled and ad hoc meetings.
    • Ability to be able to walk reasonable distances (up to ½ mile one way) to meet with customers or other company personnel in the execution of job functions.
    • Ability to be able to lift and carry up to 25 pounds in a backpack or messenger bag in order to carry a laptop, notebooks, papers, binders and other tools and equipment required in the execution of job functions.
    • Must have a DoD SECRET Clearance.
    • Minimum of 5-15 years directly related experience

    An Equal Opportunity Employer

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