Tech-Marine Business, Inc., (TMB) was founded as a Woman-Owned Small Business and incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia on July 7, 1997. Founded as "The Company Professional Program Managers Turn To", Tech-Marine focused primarily on providing senior level program management and ship acquisition, logistics and financial management support services to NAVSEA and affiliated PEO program offices. A major portion of our staff consisted of former military personnel with extensive conventional and asymmetric warfare experience and former senior civilian specialists with extensive NAVSEA acquisition and program management experience. On 31 October 2008, Tech-Marine Business, Inc. formally transitioned to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) entity. As the company has grown from its beginnings, TMB has sought to add capabilities and diversify our work force to provide cost-effective support and services across a range of skill sets and experience levels. The "Professional Program Manager" can now turn to us for mission support across the full spectrum of requirements – senior level, mid-level, and junior level support. TMB can tailor focused support based on mission requirements and cost considerations while holding to our core principals of Commitment, Excellence, and Integrity.